List Giveaway September 2013

Listing sederhana  international giveaway khusus buku yang sedang diikuti 😀

Sejenis link collector 😛


ends 30 Sept’13
daily entry:
The Misadventures of 20 something
Reading Fictional
Mythical Books
The Temporary Escape
Mostly YA Lit
Writing My Own Fairy Tale
Buku Buku Didi
My Devotional thoughts
Amina Black
Cherry Mischievous
Bibliophilia, Please
Sweeping Me
Eater of Books
Jessabella Reads
Music & Books
Temporary Escape
Bookmark Blog
MyBooks Daily
Time Warper ends 20 
Guarded ends 23
Perfect Regret ends 21
After the Fall ends Oct 2
Dark Souls ends 30
Stripped ends Oct 8
Sworn to ends Oct 14
Crazy Corner end 30
Blood Sacrifice end 26
Tear Tess ends 30
Not Pretty ends Oct 5
No Turning ends Oct 1
SIA ends Oct 2
Scorched ends 25
Little Nani ends 23
Immortals ends 23
Fangirls Dream ends 23
Bionics ends 21
Strangers ends 20
Into Fire ends 27
Frankie ends 30
Gargoyle ends 27
Heist ends Oct 2
Secrets ends 23
MB blogoversary ends Oct 16
Hollywood ends 26